Game Designer
HTC Vive
4 months



Davina is young person trying to make changes in their life. Trying to make a simple phone call to their mother, Davina's mind roams moments of discord and harmony in this critical relationship. Davina feels both emotional and detached. As Davina's soul, you the player delve into the inner and outer worlds of Davina and their mother. You shape Davina's percetion of their mother by choosing which moments Davina will let go of, and which they will hang onto.

Under the instruction of Richard Lemarchand at USC, I spent 4 months programming and designing Davina for the HTC Vive. The concentric development process hinged on vertical slice, alpha, beta, and gold master milestones. I depended on formal playtesting and collaborations to respectfully create a project with a trans protagonist.

VRLA School, LA
Checkpoint, USC
Perpetual Dawn, LA
My Mind
Game Designer
Mac / PC
4 months

My Mind

My Mind is about an internal struggle between a teenager and an invading alien virus. This coming of age story explores identity crisis, the search for love, and transformation.

My Mind mods Othello as a one player game. Instead beating an opponent, the player beats the alien or human side of themself.

Under the instruction of Tracy Fullerton at USC, I completed My Mind with a team of three other classmates for mac/pc.

Zinefest, LA
NonPlussed Fest, LA
Assistant Creative Director
Mac / PC
12 months

Body / Mind / Change

BODY/MIND/CHANGE gives the player a personal recommendation system named POD. The player must eduacate POD about their preferences. To help understand the world, POD develops a character with a name and a past. The player/POD relationship comes to a head when POD is ready to be implanted into the player, but not ready to die.

BODY/MIND/CHANGE was the digital extension of the David Cronenberg: Evolution film retrospective co-produced with the Toronto International Film Festival and the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab. I worked as the lead writer and assistant creative director with a large team to create BMC in about 12 months.


MUSE Jim Blackaby Ingenuity Award
Webby Honoree in Games
MUSE Honorable Mention in Games

Toronto International Film Fest

Atley Loughridge

Hi! I'm a '18 MFA in the USC Interactive Media & Games Division. I have also taken six Computer Science courses between NYU and USC over the past three years. I am looking for internships as a technical designer.

My current focus is making interactions in VR feel intuitive and rich. I like enabling the player to see and move through layers of a character's body and soul. My storytelling moves fluidly between past/future and reality/fantasy. I think of my most recent pieces as sculptures that allow the player to explore a simple system of human interaction. I'm drawn to intenal stories about protagonists struggling to gain perspective.

Prior, I toured as a stage actress, published YA sci-fi books, and made films. Programming games has made my creative process way better. To give back, I founded Code Camp at USC to teach programming at local high schools.


Looking for
Annenberg Graduate Fellowship
Founding Director of Code Camp

Internships, summer '17
Jobs, summer '18